Matsuri: Autumn Night Market Matsuri: Autumn Night Market

CMU Japanese Student Association presents this year's Matsuri:

Autumn Night Market | 夜の屋台

Saturday, Nov 19th, 2022
Time: 12 - 6pm
Location: Connan Room @ Jared L. Cohon University Center
Anyone is welcome to come!

Every year, CMU JSA holds a festival called "Matsuri" to celebrate Japanese culture through food, games, and performances. This year's theme is 夜の屋台 (Yoru no Yatai), or Autumn Night Market, and will revolve around the flavors and colors surrounding autumn.

This Year's Features

Band performing at Matsuri Spring 2022
  • An even greater selection of fresh, handmade Japanese street food items including Takoyaki, Yakisoba, and more
  • Fun cultural activities from calligraphy to goldfish scooping to origami folding
  • Stamp rally that takes you around the event with the opportunity to win gift cards
  • Live band, dance, and music performances by our very own CMU JSA members

Ticket Information

In order to purchase food or play certain games at Matsuri, you will need to buy tickets. There is, however, no entrance fee for the event, so you are welcome to come and enjoy the atmosphere and performances for free!

Purchase Tickets At-the-door

Tickets will be available to purchase at the door for the price of $5.00 for 5 tickets. We will have the following payment methods available: cash, credit/debit card*, and Venmo. (*Please note that a $0.50 surcharge fee will be added to any credit/debit card transactions.)

Pre-order Tickets (Discounted!)

We also have a pre-order discount of $10.00 for 12 tickets for those who order tickets prior to Matsuri. In addition, the first 30 pre-orders will get a free Japanese snack! You can access the pre-order form by clicking the button below. The form will close at 6pm on Friday, Nov 18th.

Performance Schedule

In addition to performances, we will have live(!) piano background music of popular Japanese songs throughout the event, courtesy of JSA member Joseph Hsu. He will be taking song requests and you can even win candy for guessing the name of the song!

12:30 pm


Sunny Fan

[MUSIC] Singing 白日 by King Gnu, composed by Daiki Tsuneta, arr. papa!katsu).

12:45 pm


Brian Luvalle

[PERFORMANCE] Traditional Japanese martial arts showcasing the art of drawing the sword.

1:15 pm

Start: Dash!!

μ's Lite: Adrianna Fu, Sabrina Cai, Ting Chen

[DANCE] Dance performance based off of popular anime Love Live! (start: dash! by μ's.)

2:15 pm

Street Styles Freestyle

Street Styles: Stanley Duong, Rick Sun, Alvin Zou

[DANCE] A freestyle performance of breakdancing and hip-hop.

2:45 pm

Okonomiyakings Performance

Okonomiyakings: Joseph Hsu, Carlos Sancez, Joey Mok, Owen Pearl, Takumi Natsume

[BAND] Band performance of “Loser” by Yonezu Kenshi and “Kyouran Hey Kids!!” by The Oral Cigarettes.

3:30 pm

Studio Ghibli Medley Trio

Yuma Matsuoka, Emma Tong, Stephen Chien

[MUSIC] Violin, Flute, and Piano trio playing famous Studio Ghibli themes.

4:15 pm

The Material Neverland Multimedia Experience

Material Neverband: Blaine Black, Danny Carey, Billy Holtz, Umut Olmez, Liam Neely

[BAND] Performing three songs off of his upcoming album Material Neverland, Blaine Black and his Material Neverband put on a multimedia experience complete with live music, electronics, visuals, and lights. Material Neverland is a multi-genre album inspired by elements of J-Rock, Math Rock, and EDM.

5:15 pm

Radio Taiso

JSA Executive Board

[PERFORMANCE] JSA Exec will be performing "Rajio Taiso", a traditional Japanese exercise done each morning.


From fresh made-to-order takoyaki to intense kanji calligraphy, here are all the fun and delicious booths that will be at Matsuri this year!



(prices are subject to change)


Takoyaki | たこ焼き

3 balls = 4 tickets
6 balls = 7 tickets


Yakisoba | 焼きそば

5 tickets


Dorayaki | どら焼き

Anko (red bean paste) flavor = 3 tickets
Seasonal chestnut flavor = 4 tickets


Gyoza | 餃子

3 pcs = 2 tickets


Oden | おでん

2 skewers = 4 tickets


Ito En Bottled Tea

3 tickets
(Green tea, milk tea, etc.)



(prices are subject to change)


Kanji Calligraphy Memorizaton Game

1 play = 1 ticket

Kingyo Sukui (goldfish scooping)

Kingyo Sukui (Goldfish Scooping)

1 play = 1 ticket

Playing video game

Nintendo Switch Station




Origami folding

Fold Origami with CMU Origami Club


Koto (traditional Japanese instrument)

View the Koto & Kimono Display


Thank you to our Sponsors!

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Previous Matsuri Photos

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Serving sushi
Takoyaki Booth
Cooking yakisoba
Yakisoba booth
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Taiko performance
Matsuri opening speech
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Shakuhachi performance
Shamisen performance
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Taiko performance
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Kimono dressing

Untangling string lights
Guitar and ukulele performance
Toddler plays goldfish scooping (kingyosukui)
Making crepes
Visiters at booths
Pouring syrup onto dango

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Visiters fold origami
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Band performs on stage
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